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The production of special events can mean many things to different people, we like to keep things simple and look at what makes us different to other companies in the ‘the art of our production’ and ‘the production of our art’

When you choose Angela Stewart Creative, you get a team of highly skilled event professionals who are not only experts at designing and managing great events but who are also at the forefront of the physical building and installation of your key services.

It is our directors who will be getting their hands dirty in the building of your event from the in house services you require. With a clear picture and detailed knowledge of the event from start to finish, your event will have perfect harmony between the operational and visual with the unmistakeable hallmark of ASC quality on every level.

The art of our production

We often liken an event production to that of a movie, a seamless production where the characters play their roles as the story unfolds from scene to scene. With a director in charge to deliver the pre written story and to make sure everyone is where they need to be to perform their roles, nothing is left to chance!!

Unlike the movie, there are no second takes for an event and everything has to come together in one take and with no rehearsals.

Our experience in creating exciting and realistic productions for a wide range of events should leave you in no doubt we are the right choice for you. Combining vision with creativity, organisation with personality, our directors are masters at creating plans and then producing them with style.

The production of our art

Often liken by clients to artists, our creative team are passionate about creating exciting event settings within traditional and contemporary spaces. With years of experience and possessing specialist skills to build every component of your event, you will be in no doubt about the attention and quality your event will display.

With in house production at the forefront of all our events, it is these services that will have the most impact the senses, so getting it just right matters to us!!
The ambience and lighting of a room, the feel of the table linens and napkins, the comfort of the chairs and the scent of the flowers, the colour & style of the stationery and the use of our hire props, all used and adapted to perfection for each event.