Event Design

Just as a great architect is renowned for designing incredible structures and spaces, a true event designer offers professional design expertise in the creation of an event.

Appreciating the impact a great event can have on people, the event designers at Angela Stewart Creative share experience and passion for designing and creating all of the details that make an event a success.

Just as an architect combines technical knowledge with vision and creativity on each project, the team at ASC do all this and more.

Not only producing the technical designs and managing the project, it is the ASC team who are also your builders, craftsmen and interior designers who turn the plans into reality.

Not simply just creating the spaces but also being able to decorate and style them perfectly, comes from years of experience and an in house team with a diverse portfolio of skills.

Starting every event with a blank design paper and a mind bursting with ideas, client briefs are interpreted into detailed design presentations. Considerations of every visual, technical and operational detail are formulated to perfection for each and every client, but we always look to include our key design values.

Each element has to earn it's place.

With literally millions of choices available in the design of an event, the importance of being decisive and concise in the creation is vital. Whilst many common elements will be contained within a design, the people and the detail is what elevates one event above another.

Organising an event need not be a daunting task. We believe it is our job to use our expertise in creating exciting designs that empower clients when making all the big decisions and adding the finer details. Clients are then in a position of fully understanding why they are making a particular choice and what impact it has on every other choice for their event.

In the design and production, understanding the relationship between every decision is key. Every decision and detail should always earn its place either for visual impact, operational practicality or guest experience, however, being able to fuse everything together perfectly in the end result is the art of design.

Finding a balance of quality

Each event is an opportunity to create an environment where personal or corporate style can be reflected on those in attendance. Finding a balance of quality in every design element is a vital ingredient of success. The setting within which the ambience and mood is created then has to be reflected in the hospitality, formalities and entertainment of the event.

Our team are all for surprising people with the unexpected, but there is a fine line between it being a big success or a failure.
Identifying the personal or corporate style the event will reflect and budgeting accordingly to each of the key design elements will see a balanced experience had by you and your guests. Irrespective of your style, the perfect balance reflects everything being in harmony with the people and the place.


The personalisation of every event is of paramount importance to the ASC team. An opportunity to create a design which reflects the occasion for either private individuals or corporations offers opportunities to work with people to bring out personalities or brand values.

Irrespective of occasion, every event should reflect the host/s style and values to those in attendance. An opportunity to share a positive experience with family and friends or colleagues and associates can only be good for love and appreciation or consolidation and development of existing or new working relationships.

Make everyone feel special.

Overloading the senses by creating amazing settings and wonderful food, exciting cocktails and wine lists, great service and entertainment are all well and good, but where possible, we believe that events can be tailored to the smallest detail of individual personalities. Not just providing for the guests as a whole but being able to identify small idiosyncrasies and needs before and during the event, and being able to attend to these with some style and personality – that is what makes people feel special!!!


An event can only be judged a success by the hosts but one thing is for sure, they can’t do it all on their own. With events marking important occasions and costing a lot of money, it comes as no surprise that it can become stressful for individuals and corporations to take the trusting steps into the unknown planning of events .

Our role in the design, management and production of events sees us resume responsibility for removing any excess stress and worry. With collaboration on all your thoughts and ideas, we can share a transparent view of every decision and scenario.

We will be at your side every step of the way and no question is to small or trivial to be asked. Attending and adapting to any changing needs, your event will be designed, produced and managed exactly how you want it to be and the journey to it will be so much more enjoyable and meaningful when you look back on it.

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