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Angela Stewart Creative

About Creative

As the name suggests, Angela Stewart Creative is a company founded around the creative talents of Angela Stewart, but from the first day of business in 2005 right through to this day, her partner in work and in life, Grant, has been with her every step of the way.

With a combined experience in the events industry of over 40 years between them, this dynamic husband and wife duo has no shortage of knowledge when it comes to creating great events.

Angela and Grant both have strong characters but with very different personalities. Never short of an opinion or two, each of them bring a wide range of individual skills to an event along with their trusted team and of course those personalities!!!

“We always laugh at just how different we can be on some things but I guess that different perspective on everything is what makes us always see another point of view”.

With their office near Inverness, in the magnificent Scottish Highlands, the creative’s have no desire to move the business anywhere else, and why would they!!

“With clients based around the world and events being produced all over Scotland and some internationally, it would have been impossible to find a single location to base ourselves that was perfect for every client. We wanted to be in an area that was best for our family, inspires us privately and professionally and gives us an amazing quality of life and with our 10 year old son, Bailey & 6 year old daughter Olivia – the Highlands is that location”

With production facilities and locations for events not just in the Highlands, Angela Stewart Creative can deliver events anywhere and are not bound by geographical borders. “Created in the Highlands but delivered worldwide” is indeed an appropriate message.

Both Angela and Grant share a love for people, and a passion for what they do.

“We are privileged continually by the clients we work for and we can honestly say that each event becomes more than just a job to us. Clients get pretty much 24/7 availability to us and the relationships we build and friendships we have made are truly remarkable – people from all walks of life, different religions and nationalities ”

These lasting relationships with clients are testimony to the service the creative team continually give their clients who often describe their event as perfect. Brides and Grooms want to do it all again, private clients think up ways to have more parties and corporate clients just send a brief and know it is taken care of !!

Always striving for perfection can be a difficult thing and both Grant & Angela acknowledge that as long as the client says it was perfect, that’s what is important.

“We have always known that our role in the creation of our client’s events is to help them turn their vision into reality. We can guide and advise, create and design, but essentially we have to bring out the vision of a client by finding out not just their ideas but by learning more about them as people or organizations. Understanding their likes, loves or passions, brand values or corporate message, these are integral to the creation of an event that they would describe as perfect”

With every event offering the opportunity to create something unique, Angela Stewart Creative never want to do the same thing twice.

Drawing inspiration from what has been done in the past is one thing but copying it, is not in keeping with the Creative way.

Always improving, constantly developing and ever evolving is the future for Angela Stewart Creative.

Relentless in their desire to be the best at what they do and not ones for dwelling on past success or self-appreciation, Angela & Grant will let you be the judge of how good they really are!!