Lucy & Mike's wedding at Achnagairn House

"We're just winding down at home from a really fantastic weekend, and we can't thank you enough for all your help and support, both in the lead up and the wedding weekend.
Although we had some initial ideas, you translated them into reality and everything looked spectacular.
We can't thank you enough for all your help, support and ideas over the last 18 months, we couldn't have had such a special day without you"

When Lucy got in touch with ASC

When Lucy got in touch it was almost a year before her wedding date and she already had the basic concept of how she and Mike would want their wedding weekend to be as within a few days Lucy had completed our guide to wedding styling and was looking for a simple & elegant style but this had to be achieved with a youthful twist!

Busy People who needed help!

Living and working in Ireland Lucy & Mike already knew that assistance with the Design, production and management was going to be essential albeit at this stage they possibly were not fully aware of exactly what that would entail.

The 1st Meeting I noted on their file (Fabulous couple) I knew Mike & Lucy would be up for exploring their options and would not just settle for what they had seen at Achnagairn House before!
The initial two hour consultation was at The Hive at the end of May and on meeting Lucy & Mike I knew their relaxed & informal approach to their wedding had to be evident throughout the wedding weekend.
At the consultation Lucy & Mike shared with me the design they had chosen for the wedding invitation which illustrated a relaxed couple sharing in a special and rare quiet moment sitting on a garden bench.


Garden benches were at the top of my list and we had just the thing, bespoke rustic alfresco dining benches from our hire collection. We produced CAD layouts illustrating the guest seating plan within Achnagairn’s Ballroom featuring a mix of table shapes & sizes. It was essential that we kept the focus on the guests and producing the standard seating plan of 10 round tables was not going to work for Lucy & Mike as they wanted to create a seating plan that was going to see their guests have fun, seated next to friends, where socialising, eating and drinking was really relaxed and informal.

Creating the setting

With the floor/seating plan confirmed and Lucy & Mike loving it, the fun of choosing table linen, table stationery and fresh flowers and plants was the task at hand.
We selected self coloured linen from our basics collection and not only did this provide the splash of colour but was a cost effective choice. We mixed up the tables, some featuring blue others simple clean, and crisp white and completed the setting with simple kilner jars, glass bottles and rose plants. The table numbers created using the same blackboard style as the seating plan, table menus and guest placement names.

Flowers & Plants

The flowers and plants provided the finishing touches but this element of the design was low key, sustainable and recyclable.
We used the glass kilner jars with simple hydrangea blooms as pew décor for the wedding ceremony then transferring to the dining tables for the wedding breakfast. Large garden bay trees under panted with rose plants and fresh herbs used at the entrance of the church and either side of where Lucy & Mike took their vows were transferred back to the Ballroom.
The enormous fireplace was also decorated with predominantly fresh plants, willow, herbs, roses, lavender and church pillar candles.
We delivered all the garden plants to Lucy’s parent’s house after the wedding to be planted by Lucy’s mum, a keen gardener. We hope they are growing with a happy memory of Lucy & Mike’s special day.

The Children

Let’s not forget the kids!
With a guest list made up of lots of families, children played many key roles throughout the day. With the assistance of Smart Childcare the kids had a wonderful time at Aunt Lucy & uncle Mikes wedding and I’m guessing even they will remember what a wonderful occasion it was.

Some of the younger kids enjoyed a meal in the dining room whilst mums & dads enjoyed the grown up wedding breakfast & speeches in the Ballroom.

The kids were in mind when we started talking about sourcing an old trunk filled with party bags filled with fun games, sweets & treats but this soon became a trunk filled with treats for the adults too!!

The Production

Every wedding is a production and although Lucy & Mike were as chilled out as anyone I had ever met they did still want their wedding day to be relaxed and in control to ensure everyone had a great time.
In short this is only achieved with a LOT of planning in the run up. Any event is only as good as its planning which ensures that everyone involved knows what to do and when.
By December we had presented to Lucy & Mike the 1st draft of the Wedding Production Timeline and this was the fist time they got a sense of what the wedding day was going to be like and at this point it all felt very real!
After a few more meetings and quite a few more telephone calls with Lucy & Mike the timeline was complete and they knew every eventuality had been covered.
Mike & Lucy could now relax and look forward to their wedding day in the knowledge that the management of their day would be just right.

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